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Medals are a in-game currency in Helldivers 2 which is crucial for unlocking upgrades. Medals can be used to Unlock better Armor, Weapons, Cosmetics, and Warbonds. Eliminate the hassle of collecting medals and let our team help you. Save your time and enjoy your game to the fullest potential with our Medals service.

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$40 - 100 Medals Package

  • 100 Medals
  • Our staff team will invite you to the lobby to receive the service (No account login needed)
  • Works on PlayStation / PC (Steam/EpicGames)

$130 - 1000 Medals Package

  • 1000 Medals
  • For 1000 Medals Account Login is Needed (PlayStation/Steam/EpicGames)
  • Works on PlayStation / PC (Steam/EpicGames)