Frequently Asked Questions

These questions have been asked multiple times from several different clients, and we have provided you a list that should answer most of the questions/concerns you may have. Please have a look here first, before asking in our 24/7 Customer Service Support Chat.

24/7 Customer Service Support Chat → Link:

Question: How long will this service take?

Answer: Normally instant, but sometimes we may get busy so please allow up to 24 hours for delivery. We always get in-contact with all customers.

Question: I have a problem with my order or I need help, guidance, clarification, etc…, what can I do?


We have a 24/7 Customer Support Chat that is open all the time. We always monitor this chat-room.

24/7 Customer Service Support Chat → Link:

You can also contact us directly using phone, e-mail, kik mobile-app, Skype, or discord.

Our Phone (Please Text/SMS): +1(310)-694-5430 *North America Only*

Our Email: [email protected]

Our Kik: redblood_dk *Download Kik-mobile app on your mobile device and add us*

Our Skype: live:redblood_dk *Click the link to add us on Skype*:

If using Skype, please send a missed call to ensure we get the friend request.

Question: If I want to purchase GTA5 services for Steam/PC what information is needed?


If you use STEAM we need your STEAM information not Rockstar Social Club, this means is you use STEAM we need your STEAM USERNAME and PASSWORD (Make sure if you use STEAM you give us your USERNAME not E-MAIL). Also if you use STEAM make sure STEAMGUARD is DISABLED to ensure we can sign-in without any issues and complete your service immediately.*

If you do not use Steam, then we will only need your Rockstar Social Club information (e-mail and password).

Question: If I want to purchase GTA5 services for Xbox One/PS4 how does it work?

Answer: After you pay and we confirm purchase, we will give you an email and password which you will use to download to your PS4 or XB1 and sign-in to GTA5 with. You will use the account we provide you to play GTA Online and it will now be your new account.

*NOTE* cash drop lobbies, and applying cash to your PERSONAL account does not exist at all. You must buy our premodded already transferred account. WE WILL PROVIDE YOU THE ACCOUNT!

Question: Why are modded accounts on Xbox One and PS4 so expensive?

Answer: Rockstar patched everything and it's very difficult to get these accounts now. Especially because Rockstar ended character transfers.

Rockstar also charges $100 for Sharkcards that only give 8 million GTA5 cash, this makes our accounts way better value and worth every dollar.

Also for Xbox One and PS4 cash drop lobbies or any sort of in-game lobby does not exist at all. The only thing that exists for Xbox One and PS4 are pre-modded accounts. You must buy our spare account that we do not use anymore is already RICH with a bunch of UNLOCKS on GTA5 Online.

Question: What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We only accept payments made with PayPal, Credit Card, or Visa Debit.

Question: I'm from a country outside North America, can I still purchase?

Answer: Yes purchases can be done worldwide, as long as you have a PayPal, or Credit Card.

How to place an Automated-Order @

Step 1: Choose your game, and package that you want to purchase. Click “Buy Now”.

Step 2: Fill the form out accurately as possible. *NOTE* this form must be filled out accurately to ensure the fastest processing. Make sure the contact method you have chosen, you have left all the required info needed so we can contact you in-case any issues arise to ensure your service gets completed. It is always best to leave additional contact information just in-case. Once information is filled out, click “Continue to Payment” at the bottom of the page.

*Do not click the back-button on your web browser during the process or you will have to restart.

*Make sure in the phone number field you put your number with no spaces or other characters.

*If your paying with Credit Card or Visa Debit, enter the e-mail where you want the receipt sent to in the “PayPal Email field”.

Step 3: Proceed to payment and use either PayPal, or choose pay with card (Credit Card/Visa Debit) *NOTE* if paying with a card make sure all the information you enter is the correct information associated with the card.

Click purchase with PayPal, then enter your e-mail where you would like your receipt sent to, then you can either sign-in with your PayPal account, or pay with a Debit or Credit Card.

Step 4: Once paid, we will now process your order, and will contact you when your service is completed. Please be patient and join the 24/7 Customer Support Chat while you wait.

24/7 Customer Service Support Chat → Link: