$295 - PS4/PS5 Premade Account - Rank 120 + 1 Billion cover

$295 - PS4/PS5 Premade Account - Rank 120 + 1 Billion

Product information

$295.00 USD



All purchases will give you a PSN Email and PSN Password which you will use to sign-in to your PlayStation Console and play with. You will use the account we provide you to play Online and it will now be your new account. We are providing you with a whole new PlayStation Account.

Please make sure that all of your contact information that you give us is correct and accurate, so we can contact you to deliver your account after you have paid.

Package Includes:
  • Rank: 120
  • Cash: $1 Billion
  • Other: A bunch of random stuff bought. Over $27+ Million in Online stuff has been purchased already. 
  • Works on PS4 and PS5
  • Delivery Time: You will receive the account the same day of purchase within 24 hours or less.