$75 - Basic Cross-Camo / Blueprint Package (Warzone or MW)
$75 - Basic Cross-Camo / Blueprint Package (Warzone or MW) cover
$75.00 USD
Warzone or MW - Basic Cross Camo / Blueprint Package Includes:
  • Choose any One Camo (DAMASCUS, DM ULTRA, FAZE CAMOS, etc).
  • Can use this service to Cross-Camo your weapons, such as DM Ultra on MW Weapons and Damascus on CW Weapons.
  • The One Camo you choose will be applied to all of your 10 primary weapons and secondary weapons in each one of your 10 custom classes.
  • Make sure to have all your weapons setup in each class to receive the Camo.
  • All camos received will go away forever if you change the Camo or the switch gun on the class, so never touch this if you plan on keeping the soft unlocked gun class.
  • MW Weapons that receive a Camo can be saved as a custom BLUEPRINT so you can equip it any time you like once saved. (Note MW Weapons must be unlocked/usable and level 10+ to create and save custom blueprints).
  • This service also includes Custom Colored Classes (optional)
  • Works on any platform of your choice PSN, XBOX, or PC 

How the Ordering Process Works:
- You will join our lobby to receive service. After you have paid you will be contacted by our team to arrange a meet-up to get you into the lobby.
- After you have paid, we will get in contact with you and you can tell us which Camo you want sent to your custom classes.  Make sure to have all your weapons setup in each class to receive the Camo before-hand.
- Orders are completed with SAME-DAY Delivery (24-Hours or less from when paid).
Please make sure that all of your contact information that you give us on the next page is correct and accurate, so we can contact you and get you in the lobby as soon as possible. 

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