$60 - Special Boosting Lobby - 1 Hour (or unlimited until you freeze/disconnect) cover

$60 - Special Boosting Lobby - 1 Hour (or unlimited until you freeze/disconnect)

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$60.00 USD
Special Boost Lobby: 1 Hour/(or unlimited until you freeze/disconnect)

In the Boost Lobby:
  • Can gain a lot of kills, unlock challenges, camos, attachments, and more!
  • Works and can join on any platform of your choice XBOX, PSN, or PC.
  • The boosting lobby will go on for at least 1-hour / and could last an unlimited amount of time until you freeze, disconnect, or decide to just leave.
  • Earn Rank XP, Weapon Rank XP, Gun Levels, Unlock Camos, Unlock Attachments, Complete Challenges, Nuke Cards, Challenge Progression, etc., and much more!
  • Easiest way to unlock Gold/Platinum/Obsidian Camos, and complete challenges on several different weapons, as well as earn some XP.
  • All progress earned in the match also transfers to Warzone.

*NOTE*: Modern Warfare Multiplayer is required to join the lobby.

How the Ordering Process Works:
  • After paying, you will be contacted and invited to join our lobby.
  • Make sure you give us all correct contact information on the next page in the form, so we can contact you to get you invited to our lobby as soon as possible.
  • Feel free to contact us, using our contact information below if you have any further questions.

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