$275 - Fortnite Account - Works On: PC/Mobile Only
$275 - Fortnite Account - Works On: PC/Mobile Only cover
$275.00 USD
Please make sure that all of your contact information that you give us is correct and accurate, so we can contact you and deliver your account after you have paid.

Fortnite Account Includes:
  • Full Access 
  • Epic Email and Epic Password
  • PlayStation Email and PlayStation Password
  • This account will be yours forever, you will be given permanent access.
  • Account (Black Knight, Carbide(Fully Upgraded), OG John Wick, Marshmello, Travis Scott, Sparkle Specialist, Blue Squire, Royale Knight+More!)

    You will receive the account the same day of purchase within 24 hours or less.

This Account is ONLY Playable On: PC, and Mobile
*(Full Video of Account Below)*