$75 - Multiplayer Diamond Camo Package (Choose ONE Category)
$75 - Multiplayer Diamond Camo Package (Choose ONE Category) cover
$75.00 USD
Multiplayer Diamond Camo Package Includes:
  •  All Camos Unlocked in the Weapon Category of Choice. (Includes Gold and Diamond Camos for Weapon Category of Choice on Cold War)
  •  All Weapons in the Category of Choice Max Level
  •  All Weapons in the Category of Choice Attachments Unlocked
  •  All Multiplayer Camos transfer over to Warzone
  •  Works on any platform of your choice PSN, XBOX, or PC
- NOTE: This is for Multiplayer Camos Only! (Zombie Camos are NOT INCLUDED)

Choose ONE of the following categories for the service:
  •  Assault Rifles
  •  Sub-Machine-Guns
  •  Tactical Rifles & Snipers
  •  Light-Machine-Guns
  •  Pistols
  •  Shotguns
  •  Melee
  •  Launcher & M79 Thumper

How the Ordering Process Works:
- You must provide us your PSN or Xbox Login Information to process your order.
- PC Players must create a PSN or Xbox Account and link it to their Activision Account and provide us the PSN or Xbox Login for us to do the service for you (Very simple process).
- Orders are completed with SAME-DAY Delivery (24-Hours or less from when paid)
- On high-volume days, as well as days where a new update is released, orders can take longer due to unforeseen circumstances. We always keep everyone updated.
- You can still play on your account as normal while you wait to be processed. If you get signed out stay off and wait for our message. Don't fight with us online at that time.

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